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 HB1011 Disabilities; Strategic Planning Committee on the Olmstead Decision; modifying policy; creating the Commission on Independence and Ability; effective date; emergency.       GENERAL ORDER (H)

 HB1022 Children; creating the Task Force on Trauma-Informed Care; effective date.       GENERAL ORDER (S)

 HB1089 Public health and safety; Supplemental Hospital Offset Payment Program; Hospital Advisory Committee; termination date extension; effective date.       APPROVED BY GOV

 HB1147 Education; creating the School Testing Task Force; effective date.       REF TO COMED (H)

 HB1205 Public health and safety; creating the Oklahoma Home-and Community-Based Services Ombudsman Task Force; purpose; effective date.       VETOED

 HB1255 State Capitol; creating the State Capitol Repair Expenditure Oversight Committee Technical Amendments Act of 2019; effective date.       REF TO RULES (H)

 HB1290 State government; State Use Committee; modifying definition; effective date.       SENT TO GOVERNOR

 HB1440 Sunset; Advisory Committee on Pedorthics; re-creating Committee; modifying termination date.       REF FOR ENGR (S)

 HB1441 Sunset; Advisory Committee on Orthotics and Prosthetics; re-creating Committee; modifying termination date.       REF FOR ENGR (S)

 HB1930 Child care; creating the Day Care Center Task Force Act; effective date.       REF TO RULES (H)

 HB1979 Public health and safety; creating the TBI Advisory Council; providing certain services for individuals with traumatic brain injury; effective date.       SA'S PENDING (H)

 HB2041 Practice of radiologic technology; creating the Radiologic Technologist Licensure Act; creating Radiologic Technologist Advisory Committee; effective date.       GENERAL ORDER (H)

 HB2111 Energy; creating the Oklahoma Oil and Natural Gas Regulatory Modernization Commission.       GENERAL ORDER (S)

 HB2136 Transportation; creating the Oklahoma Council on Access to Transportation; effective date.       REF TO TRANS (H)

 HB2215 Education; creating the Oklahoma Education Task Force; effective date.       REF TO COMED (H)

 HB2275 Grand River Dam Authority; modifying certain duties of the Grand River Dam Authority Board of Directors; authorization to fix and collect rates; bonds; effective date; emergency.       GENERAL ORDER (H)

 HB2285 Public health and safety; rules and standards relating to the public interest of hospitals; changing who is responsible; modifying duties of the Hospital Advisory Council; effective date.       ENROLLED TO SENATE (H)

 HB2432 Public finance; Local Development Act; review committee; membership; effective date.       REF TO RULES (H)

 HB2616 Child support; creating the Child Support Guidelines Review Committee; requiring at least quadrennial review of child support guidelines and schedule.       GENERAL ORDER (H)

 HB2632 Insurance; creating the Patient's Right to Pharmacy Choice Act; establishing a Right to Patient Choice Advisory Committee; effective date.       GENERAL ORDER (S)

 HB2641 Education; creating task force to study graduation credit requirements; emergency.       GENERAL ORDER (S)

 HB2642 Children; establishing Oversight Committee on the Delivery of Child Welfare Services; emergency.       GENERAL ORDER (S)

 HB2655 Teachers; Minority Teacher Recruitment Advisory Committee; deleting committee; creating an advisory consortium; effective date; emergency.       REF TO ED (S)

 HB2668 Public finance; State Bond Advisor; references; Deputy Treasurer for Debt Management; effective date; emergency.       REC CR DP AP-GENGO (S)

 SB1026 Prisons and reformatories; Reentry Policy Council; providing sunset date. Effective date.       HA'S READ (S)

 SB1027 Environmental and Natural Resources; providing sunset for Environmental Quality Boards and Councils. Effective date.       HA'S READ (S)

 SB320 Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth; modifying membership; modifying duties of Director; modifying procedures related to certain funds. Effective date.       REC CR DPCS AP-HUMAN (H)

 SB411 Fire Extinguisher Licensing Act; replacing the Fire Extinguisher Industry Committee with the State Fire Marshal. Effective date. Emergency.       REF TO BUS (H)

 SB739 Schools; modifying definitions under the School Safety and Bullying Prevention Act; adding person to Safe School Committee. Effective date. Emergency.       EMERGENCY RESTORED

 SB888 Long-term care; providing for referrals to Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE); establishing certain task force. Effective date.       GENERAL ORDER (H)

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