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 HB1390 Motor vehicles; registration; temporary license plate; expiration; effective date.       APPROVED BY GOV

 HB1836 Motor vehicles; Service Oklahoma; licensed operators; compensation; Licensed Operator Performance Fund; effective date.       GENERAL ORDER (S)

 HB2011 Motor vehicles; providing for biennial registration for certain vehicles; effective date.       APPROVED BY GOV

 HB2605 Transportation; Vehicle License and Registration Act collections; modifying certain apportionment in future fiscal years; effective date.       GENERAL ORDER (H)

 SB323 Motor vehicles; allowing Service Oklahoma to maintain list of open recalls; allowing for notification of open recalls to certain vehicle owners. Effective date.       GENERAL ORDER (S)

 SB690 Oklahoma Vehicle License and Registration Act; expanding exceptions for prohibition on title transfer. Effective date.       GENERAL ORDER (S)

 SB753 Motor vehicles; authorizing use of e-signature for certain documents related to sale or transfer of vehicles. Effective date.       APPROVED BY GOV

 SB781 Apportionments; requiring certain monthly reporting. Emergency.       GENERAL ORDER (H)

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