(Joint Rule 4.12)

Bill NumAuthorsShort TitleJoint Committee
Report Date
House of
Origin Action
House Action
HB2882 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Commissioners of the Land Office; making an appropriation; establishing amount and purpose; emergency.02/27/202302/28/202303/02/2023
HB2884 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Department of Human Services; making appropriations; purposes; special accounts; joint committee; emergency.03/13/202303/14/202303/21/2023
HB2885 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)State Regents for Higher Education; making an appropriation; identifying source; purpose; emergency.04/05/202304/10/202304/13/2023
HB2887 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Department of Veterans Affairs; making an appropriation; amount; identifying source; purpose; emergency.05/09/202305/10/202305/15/2023
HB2888 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Water Resources Board; making an appropriation; identifying source; amount; purpose; emergency.05/09/202305/10/202305/15/2023
HB2901 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Education; making an appropriation; purpose; distribution methodology for certain funds; legislative intent; reduction of certain tax credits; effective date; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
HB2902 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Schools; allocation of State Aid; calculation of weighted membership; modifying certain category weights; modifying calculation of small school district formula; effective date; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
HB2903 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)School security; creating a pilot program known as the School Resource Officer Program; Directing State Board of Education to administer; training; creating the School Security Revolving Fund; expenditures; effective date; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
HB2904 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)School security; making an appropriation; amount; funding source; purpose; effective date; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
HB2912 Wallace, HallEmergency management; creating the State Assistance Dedicated for Disaster-impacted Local Economies Revolving Fund; funds appropriated; expenditure procedures; emergency.05/13/202405/14/202405/16/2024
HB2913 Wallace, HallEmergency management; appropriating disaster and emergency management funding; revolving funds; amounts, sources and purposes; emergency.05/13/202405/14/202405/16/2024
HB2940 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Public funds; creating the ARPA Administrative Costs Fund; establishing fund characteristics; limiting appropriations and transfer authority; deposits; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
HB2941 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Oklahoma Arts Council; making an appropriation; source; amount; account; funds; requirements; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
HB2942 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Oklahoma Water Resources Board; making appropriations; agreement; amount; purpose; creating special accounts; rules and procedures; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
HB2943 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)State Department of Health; making appropriations; source; amount; creating special accounts; funds; rules and procedures; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
HB2944 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Office of Management and Enterprise Services; making appropriations; source; amount; purpose; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
HB2945 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Legislative Service Bureau; making appropriations; sources; amounts; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
SB1118 Thompson (Roger), WallaceSchools; making an appropriation to the State Board of Education; directing establishment of pilot program to employ literacy instructional team. Effective date. Emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
SB1119 Thompson (Roger), WallaceSchools; establishing minimum salary schedule; directing persons employed in certain capacities to receive salary increase. Effective date. Emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
SB1120 Thompson (Roger), WallaceState Board of Education; requiring certain determination; providing procedure; providing limitation; and removing certain apportionments. Effective date. Emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
SB1121 Thompson (Roger), WallaceEducation employees; entitling certain employees to certain amount of paid maternity leave. Effective date. Emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
SB1130 Thompson (Roger), WallaceAppropriations; making an appropriation to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. Emergency.04/05/202304/06/202304/12/2023
SB1131 Thompson (Roger), WallacePublic finance; financing authority for construction of the State Health Laboratory; repealer. Emergency.04/05/202304/06/202304/12/2023
SB1154 Thompson (Roger), WallaceAppropriations; making an appropriation to the State Election Board; stating purpose; exempting appropriation from certain limits. Emergency.02/27/202302/28/202303/02/2023
SB1176 Thompson (Roger), WallacePublic finance; Large-scale Economic Activity and Development Act of 2022; modifying certain job threshold requirement; requiring transfer of funds if certain commitment is not received by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce by certain date. Emergency.02/27/202302/28/202303/02/2023
SB1177 Thompson (Roger), WallaceEconomic development; creating the Perform Act; providing investment rebate. Emergency.05/09/202305/10/202305/15/2023
SB1179 Thompson (Roger), WallaceEconomic development; making an appropriation to the Perform Fund; identifying source; establishing amount; requiring certain amounts be used for certain purposes. Emergency.05/09/202305/10/202305/15/2023
SB1186 Thompson (Roger), WallaceAppropriations; making an appropriation to the Department of Human Services. Emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
SB1187 Thompson (Roger), WallaceAppropriations; making an appropriation to the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission. Emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
SB1188 Thompson (Roger), WallaceAppropriations; making an appropriation to the Health Care Workforce Training Commission. Emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
SB1189 Thompson (Roger), WallaceAppropriations; making an appropriation to the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. Emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
SB1190 Thompson (Roger), WallaceAppropriations; making an appropriation to the Military Department of the State of Oklahoma. Emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023

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