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View List of Bills on Joint Calendar for Appropriations and Budget for 2023 First Special Session

Bill NumAuthorsShort TitleJoint Committee
Report Date
House of
Origin Action
House Action
HB2882 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Commissioners of the Land Office; making an appropriation; establishing amount and purpose; emergency.02/27/202302/28/202303/02/2023
HB2884 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Department of Human Services; making appropriations; purposes; special accounts; joint committee; emergency.03/13/202303/14/202303/21/2023
HB2885 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)State Regents for Higher Education; making an appropriation; identifying source; purpose; emergency.04/05/202304/10/202304/13/2023
HB2887 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Department of Veterans Affairs; making an appropriation; amount; identifying source; purpose; emergency.05/09/202305/10/202305/15/2023
HB2888 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Water Resources Board; making an appropriation; identifying source; amount; purpose; emergency.05/09/202305/10/202305/15/2023
HB2901 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Education; making an appropriation; purpose; distribution methodology for certain funds; legislative intent; reduction of certain tax credits; effective date; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
HB2902 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Schools; allocation of State Aid; calculation of weighted membership; modifying certain category weights; modifying calculation of small school district formula; effective date; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
HB2903 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)School security; creating a pilot program known as the School Resource Officer Program; Directing State Board of Education to administer; training; creating the School Security Revolving Fund; expenditures; effective date; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
HB2904 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)School security; making an appropriation; amount; funding source; purpose; effective date; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
HB2940 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Public funds; creating the ARPA Administrative Costs Fund; establishing fund characteristics; limiting appropriations and transfer authority; deposits; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
HB2941 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Oklahoma Arts Council; making an appropriation; source; amount; account; funds; requirements; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
HB2942 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Oklahoma Water Resources Board; making appropriations; agreement; amount; purpose; creating special accounts; rules and procedures; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
HB2943 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)State Department of Health; making appropriations; source; amount; creating special accounts; funds; rules and procedures; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
HB2944 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Office of Management and Enterprise Services; making appropriations; source; amount; purpose; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
HB2945 Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Legislative Service Bureau; making appropriations; sources; amounts; emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
SB1118 Thompson (Roger), WallaceSchools; making an appropriation to the State Board of Education; directing establishment of pilot program to employ literacy instructional team. Effective date. Emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
SB1119 Thompson (Roger), WallaceSchools; establishing minimum salary schedule; directing persons employed in certain capacities to receive salary increase. Effective date. Emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
SB1120 Thompson (Roger), WallaceState Board of Education; requiring certain determination; providing procedure; providing limitation; and removing certain apportionments. Effective date. Emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
SB1121 Thompson (Roger), WallaceEducation employees; entitling certain employees to certain amount of paid maternity leave. Effective date. Emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
SB1130 Thompson (Roger), WallaceAppropriations; making an appropriation to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. Emergency.04/05/202304/06/202304/12/2023
SB1131 Thompson (Roger), WallacePublic finance; financing authority for construction of the State Health Laboratory; repealer. Emergency.04/05/202304/06/202304/12/2023
SB1154 Thompson (Roger), WallaceAppropriations; making an appropriation to the State Election Board; stating purpose; exempting appropriation from certain limits. Emergency.02/27/202302/28/202303/02/2023
SB1176 Thompson (Roger), WallacePublic finance; Large-scale Economic Activity and Development Act of 2022; modifying certain job threshold requirement; requiring transfer of funds if certain commitment is not received by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce by certain date. Emergency.02/27/202302/28/202303/02/2023
SB1177 Thompson (Roger), WallaceEconomic development; creating the Perform Act; providing investment rebate. Emergency.05/09/202305/10/202305/15/2023
SB1179 Thompson (Roger), WallaceEconomic development; making an appropriation to the Perform Fund; identifying source; establishing amount; requiring certain amounts be used for certain purposes. Emergency.05/09/202305/10/202305/15/2023
SB1186 Thompson (Roger), WallaceAppropriations; making an appropriation to the Department of Human Services. Emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
SB1187 Thompson (Roger), WallaceAppropriations; making an appropriation to the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission. Emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
SB1188 Thompson (Roger), WallaceAppropriations; making an appropriation to the Health Care Workforce Training Commission. Emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
SB1189 Thompson (Roger), WallaceAppropriations; making an appropriation to the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. Emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023
SB1190 Thompson (Roger), WallaceAppropriations; making an appropriation to the Military Department of the State of Oklahoma. Emergency.05/16/202305/17/202305/19/2023

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