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 HB1098 Labor; prohibiting discrimination against unvaccinated employees; effective date.       REF TO RULES (H)

 HB1112 Schools; requiring legislative approval of any proposed change to the list of required immunizations; effective date.       REF TO PUBHLTH (H)

 HB2339 Schools; prohibiting certain vaccinations without prior authorization; effective date.       APPROVED BY GOV

 HB2420 Insurance; prohibiting managed care entity from imposing requirements relating to vaccination protocol; effective date.       GENERAL ORDER (H)

 SB146 Health care facilities; requiring facilities to grant religious exemption to employees who object to certain immunization. Effective date.       REF TO HEALTH (S)

 SB505 Health insurance; modifying type of plan that health benefit plan includes for child immunization. Effective date.       REF TO RETIRE (S)

 SB535 Parental rights; creating the Parental Rights Vaccination Act; requiring certain informed consent. Effective date.       REF TO HEALTH (S)

 SB861 Child abuse; providing exclusion to certain offense. Effective date.       REF TO HEALTH (S)

 SB924 Immunizations; requiring assisted living centers to post certain information; protecting centers from certain actions. Effective date.       GENERAL ORDER (H)

 SB925 Vaccinations; requiring school districts to report certain information to State Department of Health. Effective date. Emergency.       FIRST READING (H)

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