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 HB3151 Labor; Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Act; providing exemption to liability for certain circumstances; effective date.       APPROVED BY GOV

 HB3258 Torts; granting immunity from liability when providing voluntary architectural or engineering services to the Department of Emergency Management; effective date.       REF TO JUD (S)

 HB3416 Agriculture; removing limitation of applicability of the Limitation of Liability for Farming and Ranching Land Act.       APPROVED BY GOV

 SB1054 Employment of blind persons; granting Department of Rehabilitation Services immunity from liability for certain damages. Effective date.       REF TO JUDIC (H)

 SB1129 Hospital facilities; requring certain report; granting immunity from civil liability for compliance. Effective date.       REF TO JUD (S)

 SB1136 Product liability; modifying requirements for certain actions. Effective date.       GENERAL ORDER (H)

 SB1181 Oklahoma Limitation of Liability for Farming and Ranching Land Act; removing per acre charge limitation. Effective date.       APPROVED BY GOV

 SB1273 Self-Service Storage Facility Lien Act; modifying procedures; limiting liability and value of damaged property. Effective date.       APPROVED BY GOV

 SB1447 Oklahoma Advance Directive Act; protecting certain individuals from civil or ciminal liability under certain circumstances. Effective date.       GENERAL ORDER (S)

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