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 HB2541 Tobacco in prisons; providing an exemption for institutions of the Department of Corrections; codification; effective date.       GENERAL ORDER (H)

 HB2630 Prisons and reformatories; modifying eligibility requirements for electronic monitoring program; emergency.       APPROVED BY GOV

 HB2836 Corrections; authorizing the Department of Corrections to establish certain pilot program; codification; effective date.       REC CR DP AP-PSFTY (H)

 HB3393 Prisons and reformatories; directing penal institutions, detention centers and jails to use least restrictive restraints on pregnant inmates; codification; effective date.       APPROVED BY GOV

 HB3469 Prisons and reformatories; establishing early warning system program known as an Inmate Alert; codification; effective date.       REF TO APPR (S)

 HB3470 Counties and county officers; directing deposit of funds from certain contracts into Sheriff's Service Fee Account; effective date.       APPROVED BY GOV

 SB1237 Department of Corrections; modifying Directors allowable duties; updating statutory reference. Effective date.       REF TO PUBSFTY (H)

 SB1305 Correctional facilities; deleting certain procedure used by the Department when facilities lack bed space; directing immediate consideration of certain persons for parole. Effective date.       GENERAL ORDER (H)

 SB1442 County jails; facilities reaching maximum capacity; removing certain timeframes; deleting exemptions from housing cost responsibilities. Effective date.       VETOED

 SB279 Counties and county officers; feeding, care, housing, and upkeep of prisoners; authorizing county sheriff to contract with certain entities. Emergency.       APPROVED BY GOV

 SB919 Prisons and reformatories; creating the Parole of Aging Prisoners Act; authorizing certain prisoners to request parole hearing. Effective date.       REF TO PUBSFTY (H)

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