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 HB2610 Driver licenses; six-year driver license option; fee amounts; effective date.       REF TO AP-PSFTY (H)

 HB2616 Motor vehicles; learner permits; driver education; age requirements; effective date.       REF TO PUBSFTY (H)

 HB2651 Motor vehicles; commercial driver license training; human trafficking; effective date.       APPROVED BY GOV

 HB2711 Motor vehicles; driver licenses; directing the Department of Public Safety to provide notice of its use of facial recognition software or hardware; effective date.       GENERAL ORDER (H)

 HB2727 Motor vehicles; Commercial Driver License Act of 2018; noncodification; effective date.       REF TO RULES (H)

 HB3013 Driver license requirements; adding exemption from license requirements for certain students; effective date.       REF TO PUBSAFE (S)

 HB3150 Motor vehicles; church buses; endorsements; effective date.       REF TO RULES (H)

 SB1040 Driver licenses; class requirements; modifying procedures. Effective date.       REF TO PUBSAFE (S)

 SB1164 Driver license revocation; directing certain surrender of license; directing period of revocation. Provisional effective date.       DIED IN CONFERENCE

 SB1266 Commercial driver licenses; stating certain exemption for hazardous material endorsement. Emergency.       APPROVED BY GOV

 SB838 Motor vehicle license and registration taxes and fees; requiring certain formula updates to be submitted to specified officials. Emergency.       GENERAL ORDER (H)

 SB839 Driver Licenses; modifying the apportionment of certain fees. Emergency.       GENERAL ORDER (H)

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