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 HB2882 Law enforcement training; authorizing certain schools and institutions of education to offer courses and training for law enforcement certification upon approval of CLEET; codification; effective date.       GENERAL ORDER (H)

 HB3209 State government; transferring authority to make certain appointments to the Governor; effective date.       REF TO GOVMOD (H)

 HB3219 Poor persons; expanding type of students to receive health care benefits under Oklahoma Health Care Authority waiver application; effective date.       REC CR DP AP-HLTH (H)

 HB3220 Schools; authorizing State Board of Career and Technology Education to develop certification system for teachers and instructors who teach in technology center school districts; effective date; emergency.       REF TO HIGHERED (H)

 SB1009 Private schools; authorizing the Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools to create an equivalency program. Effective date. Emergency.       REF TO ED (S)

 SB1231 Career and technology education; creating a task force to study funding. Effective date. Emergency.       REF TO AP-EDUC (S)

 SB880 Science, technology, engineering and mathematics education; modifying entity responsible for certain program. Effective date. Emergency.       GENERAL ORDER (S)

 SCR18 Concurrent resolution; expressing support for increased funding for certain career and technical education programs.       INTRODUCED (S)

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