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 HB1093 Evidence; providing for admissibility of certain evidence; effective date.       MEASURE FAILED (S)

 HB2255 Crimes and punishments; expanding scope of crime to include certain individuals; effective date.       REF TO JUDIC (H)

 HB2639 Sexual assault victims; creating the Sexual Assault Victims' Right to Information Act; declaring rights of sexual assault victims; effective date.       GENERAL ORDER (S)

 HR1019 Resolution; proclaiming the month of April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Wednesday, April 24, 2019, as Denim Day.       INTRODUCED (H)

 SB1104 Crime and punishment; modifying inclusions to required service of minimum percentage of sentence. Effective date.       INTRODUCED (S)

 SB1105 Crime and punishmment; modifying penalty for domestic assault. Effective date.       INTRODUCED (S)

 SB64 Crime and punishment; adding certain domestic violence offenses to the 85% list. Effective date.       GENERAL ORDER (S)

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