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 HB2661 Definitions and general provisions; Oklahoma Native American Day; changing date of designation; effective date.       REF TO GENGOV (S)

 HB2999 Oklahoma Water Resources Board; adding federally recognized Indian tribes to the list of entities eligible to participate in certain programs; effective date.       REF TO RULES (H)

 HB3375 Amusements and sports; state-tribal gaming; nonhouse-banked table games; model tribal gaming contract; apportionment of fees received by the state; emergency.       REF TO BUS (S)

 HB3420 State government; creating the Native American Cultural Center Reform Act of 2018; effective date.       REF TO RULES (H)

 SB1026 Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation; authorizing certain agreements. Effective date.       GENERAL ORDER (S)

 SB1195 Gaming; supplements to compacts and terms.       REF TO APPROP (H)

 SB1206 Compacts and cooperative agreements; negotiations; legislative representation.       REF TO RULES (S)

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