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Short Title

Last Action

 HCR1004 Commemoration; commemorating Workers Memorial Day.       INTRODUCED (S)

 HCR1005 National Day of Prayer; observing May 2, 2019, as the National Day of Prayer.       INTRODUCED (S)

 HCR1013 Recognizing November 30, 2020 as World Equality Day..       INTRODUCED (H)

 HCR1014 Commendation; commending Dr. Henrietta Mann for her career and work to preserve American Indian culture; distribution.       INTRODUCED (S)

 HCR1016 Criminal justice; designating April as Second Chance Month in Oklahoma; directing distribution.       INTRODUCED (H)

 HR1005 Lauren DeLaRosa-Hull; expressing condolences to her family for their loss; and directing distribution.       INTRODUCED (H)

 HR1012 Resolution; Honoring Lieutenant Heath Meyer; condolences; acknowledgment; highway designation; distribution.       INTRODUCED (H)

 HR1023 Health care; proclaiming May 2019 as Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month.       INTRODUCED (H)

 HR1028 A Resolution proclaiming February 19, 2020, as National Board Certified Teachers Day at the Capitol.       SEC OF STATE

 SB1373 Holidays; designating the fourteenth day of each August as "V-J Day". Emergency.       GENERAL ORDER (S)

 SCR4 Concurrent resolution; observing May 2, 2019, as the National Day of Prayer.       INTRODUCED (H)

 SCR7 Concurrent Resolution; declaring 2020 as the "Year of the Bible" in Oklahoma.       INTRODUCED (S)

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