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 HB2661 Definitions and general provisions; Oklahoma Native American Day; changing date of designation; effective date.       VETOED

 HCR1015 A concurrent resolution commemorating NORAD and Canada's partnerships with Oklahoma and the United States; distribution.       SEC OF STATE

 HCR1016 Designating 2018 as the Year of the Child; distribution.       INTRODUCED (H)

 HCR1017 Eczema Awareness Month; declaring October 2018 to be Eczema Awareness Month in Oklahoma.       INTRODUCED (H)

 HR1022 Rose Day; recognizing February 7, 2018 as Rose Day at the State Capitol.       SEC OF STATE

 HR1023 Proclaiming February 8, 2018, to be Wear Red Day in Oklahoma; urging all citizens to show support by commemorating February 8, 2018, by wearing the color red.       SEC OF STATE

 HR1024 Proclamation; Hunger Action Day.       SEC OF STATE

 HR1027 Recognizing the remarkable life and legacy of Billy Graham; honoring his extraordinary contributions; mourning his passing; distribution.       SEC OF STATE

 HR1028 Retired persons; March 8, 2018; Oklahoma Retirees Day.       SEC OF STATE

 HR1030 Commendation; commending Mr. Malcolm J. McPherson, Jr. and Mr. James M. (Mike) Robinson for their service; distribution.       SEC OF STATE

 HR1031 Proclamation; proclaiming Dr. Anthony Jordan Day.       SEC OF STATE

 HR1032 A Resolution commending Project31 for its important work with those diagnosed with breast cancer; recognizing Breast Cancer Day at the Capitol.       SEC OF STATE

 HR1033 Sending heartfelt remembrances to families, friends and neighbors of those killed in the terrorist bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building; directing distribution.       SEC OF STATE

 HR1034 A resolution declaring May 1, 2018, as the Second Hispanic Cultural Day in Oklahoma.       SEC OF STATE

 HR1036 National Poetry Month; declaring April to be National Poetry Month.       INTRODUCED (H)

 HR1037 Resolution; declaring the month of September of 2018 as Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month.       INTRODUCED (H)

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