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View List of Bills on Joint Calendar for Appropriations and Budget for 2023 Regular Session

Bill NumAuthorsShort TitleJoint Committee
Report Date
House of
Origin Action
House Action
HB1002X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Legacy Capital Financing Act; creating the Legacy Capital Financing Fund; placing with the Capitol Improvement Authority; limiting uses; recapitalization payments; schedule; emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1004X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)General appropriations; effective date.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1005X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Tribal-State agreements; enacting law to offer supplemental compact terms to affirm and extend existing agreements pertaining to motor vehicle registration and licensing; severability.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1006X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry; requiring that portions of certain funds be utilized for certain purposes; limitations and procedures; lapse of funds under certain conditions.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1007X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Oklahoma Department of Commerce; requiring portions of certain funds be utilized for certain purposes; limitations and procedures; lapse of funds under certain conditions.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1008X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Revenue and taxation; additional homestead exemption; modifying certain qualifying income amount; effective date.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1009X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Legacy Capital Financing Fund; Historical society facilities; debt authorization; repealer; effective date; emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1011X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Legacy Capital Financing Fund; Office of Management and Enterprise Services; authorizing certain distributions; repealer; effective date; emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1012X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Legacy Capital Financing Fund; Department of Public Safety; recapitalization payments; distributions.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1013X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Legacy Capital Financing Fund; Oklahoma State University Veterinary Medicine Authority; recapitalization payments; distributions.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1014X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Legacy Capital Financing Fund; Oklahoma Department of Libraries; recapitalization payments; distributions.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1017X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security; creating the Emergency Relief and Impacts Grant Program; establishing Emergency Relief and Imipacts Revolving Fund; emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1018X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology; making appropriations; source; amount; purpose; compliance; reports; requiring appearance before certain joint committee; emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1019X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Oklahoma Department of Commerce; making appropriation to certain revolving fund; source; amount; requiring and limiting expenditure for certain purposes; emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1020X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security; making an appropriation; source; amount; creating certain special account; reports; appearance before certain joint committee; emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1022X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Courts; creating the Office of Judicial Performance Evaluation; purpose; creating Board of Judicial Performance Evaluation; effective date.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1023X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Department of Environmental Quality; conditions for sale of certain building and appurtenance; office relocation; lease-purchase agreements; dismantling of certain appurtenances.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1024X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Fees; jurors' fees; increasing jurors' fees for attendance; effective date.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1025X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Transportation; Rural Economic Transportation Reliability and Optimization Fund; modifying population limitation; effective date.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1026X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)State government; salaries of statewide elected officials; limiting certain salary amounts to certain time period; effective date.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1027X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)State government; Personnel Act; longevity payments; leave benefits; increasing accumulation limits; authorizing option for payment of certain leave; effective date; emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1028X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Administrative Workers' Compensation Act; costs; distribution of certain funds; limiting period of certain distribution; return; effective date; emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1029X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Revenue and taxation; creating the Caring for Caregivers Act; creating family caregiver tax credit; credit caps; authorizing Tax Commission to promulgate rules; effective date.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1030X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology; creating the Accelerator Program; establishing the Accelerator Revolving Fund; effective date; emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1031X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Rural housing; creating the Oklahoma Housing Stability Program; creating various programs and revolving funds; effective date; emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1032X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Legacy Capital Financing Fund; authorizing certain amount for certain purpose benefiting the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1033X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)State property; creating the Jim Thorpe Repair Expenditure Oversight Committee; allowing funds to be expended for certain projects; makeup of committee; requiring Office of Management and Enterprise Services to implement the plan; emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1038X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Department of Commerce; making an appropriation; source; specifying amount.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1039X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Revenue and taxation; franchise tax; removing levy of tax after certain year; effective date; emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
HB1040X Wallace, Thompson (Roger)Revenue and taxation; income tax; modifying certain dollar amount for income tax liability computation; joint filing; effective date.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB11X Thompson (Roger), WallaceOklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department; transferring duties of the Executive Director to the Commission; removing authority of Governor to appoint Director. Effective date.05/23/202305/24/2023 
SB12X Thompson (Roger), WallaceMental health; creating the Mental Health Transport Revolving Fund; modifying procedures and requirements for transport of persons requiring treatment. Effective date.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB13X Thompson (Roger), WallaceQuality Jobs Program; modifying term of incentive payments for certain industry. Effective date.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB14X Thompson (Roger), WallaceTourism Development Act; modifying required term of agreement; modifying annual limit. Effective date.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB15X Thompson (Roger), WallaceControlled Dangerous Substances; increasing certain registration fee. Emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB16X Thompson (Roger), WallacePaid leave for employees; providing certain state employees to receive paid maternity leave; providing protections for certain employees. Effective date.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB17X Thompson (Roger), WallaceRevenue and Taxation; railroad rehabilitation tax credits; modifying taxable year references. Effective date.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB18X Thompson (Roger), WallaceMedical marijuana; modifying the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority Revolving Fund: limiting funding source; creating the Medical Marijuana Tax Fund. Effective date. Emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB19X Thompson (Roger), WallaceLegal representation for children and parents; creating the Family Representation and Advocacy Program Revolving Fund; stating purpose; directing disbursement of funds. Effective date.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB21X Thompson (Roger), WallaceOMES information technology infrastructure; creating the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission Information Technology Innovation Revolving Fund. Emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB22X Thompson (Roger), WallaceOklahoma Historical Society; creating the Oklahoma Museum of Popular Culture Supplemental Revolving Fund; stating source of funds. Emergency.05/23/202305/24/2023 
SB23X Thompson (Roger), WallaceAmbulance Service Provider Access Payment Program; relating to supplemental Medicaid reimbursement for ground emergency transportation; deleting certain requirement for reimbursement. Emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB24X Thompson (Roger), WallaceOklahoma State Bureau of Investigation; establishing the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Centennial Revolving Fund; providing purpose. Effective date. Emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB26X Thompson (Roger), WallaceTribal-State agreements; affirming and offering supplemental compact term; enacting law to offer the restoration of compact.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB27X Thompson (Roger), WallaceDepartment of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services; requiring certain transfer. Effective date. Emergency.05/23/202305/24/2023 
SB28X Thompson (Roger), WallaceHigher education; authorizing the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education to expend certain funds for certain purposes.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB29X Thompson (Roger), WallaceEducation; modifying required matching ratio for an early childhood pilot program for at-risk children. Effective date. Emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB31X Thompson (Roger), WallaceOklahoma Historical Society; providing purpose; directing certain transfer; requiring certain budget procedures.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB32X Thompson (Roger), WallaceOklahoma Health Care Authority; directing Oklahoma Health Care Authority to implement increased payment for certain long-term care and intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB33X Thompson (Roger), WallaceDepartment of Human Services; requiring certain joint approval prior to certain actions; appropriating certain federal funds for certain program; authorizing certain transfers; providing for lapse of funds under certain conditions.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB34X Thompson (Roger), WallaceSales tax exemption; requiring exemption be operative upon certain date; terminating certain calculation. Emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB35X Thompson (Roger), WallaceOklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department; requiring matching funds to be used for certain purpose; and directing amount of funds to be made available.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB36X Thompson (Roger), WallaceEducation; specifying apportionment of certain appropriated funds. Effective date. Emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB37X Thompson (Roger), WallaceService Oklahoma; transferring and providing duties and responsibilities; directing apportionments. Effective date. Emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB38X Thompson (Roger), WallaceOklahoma State Regents for Higher Education; making an appropriation. Emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB39X Thompson (Roger), WallaceHealth Care Workforce Training Commission; making an appropriation. Emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023
SB40X Thompson (Roger), WallaceAppropriation; making an appropriation to the Department of Human Services. Emergency.05/23/202305/24/202305/26/2023

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