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Short Title

Last Action

 HB1995 Medical debt; legislative referendum pursuant to the Oklahoma Constitution; Oklahoma Protection from Predatory Debt Collection Act; exemptions; definitions; rates of interest for loans or indebtedness and interest on judgments; conflicts with federal law; severability; ballot title; filing.       INTRODUCED (H)

 HB2100 Labor; legislative referendum; creating the Paid Family Leave Act; ballot title; directing filing.       INTRODUCED (H)

 HB2217 Daylight saving time; legislative referendum; ballot title; filing.       INTRODUCED (H)

 HJR1037 Schools; legislative referendum; enacting the School Choice Act of 2023; ballot title; filing.       INTRODUCED (H)

 HJR1039 Oklahoma Constitution; disabled veterans; homestead exemption; ballot title; filing.       INTRODUCED (H)

 SJR12 Constitutional amendment; prohibiting unfunded mandates for political subdivisions.       INTRODUCED (S)

 SJR16 Constitutional amendment; authorizing the creation of public infrastructure districts in Oklahoma.       INTRODUCED (S)

 SJR2 Constitutional amendment; declaring Oklahoma a sovereign state; declaring certain laws null and void.       INTRODUCED (S)

 SJR5 Constitutional amendment; limiting state questions on ballot to odd-numbered years; requiring proposed constitutional amendments or state questions to receive certain majority vote.       INTRODUCED (S)

 SJR7 Constitutional amendment; allowing a member of the Legislature to be employed by a public school upon completion of term.       INTRODUCED (S)

 SJR9 Constitutional amendment; expanding rights of citizens to keep and bear arms.       INTRODUCED (S)

Address: 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., State Capitol Building, Oklahoma City, OK 73105