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Resolution imposing punishment upon Senator Ralph Shortey for disorderly behavior pursuant to Section 30 of Article V of the Oklahoma Constitution.



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First Reading 560 03/15/2017 S

Authored by Senator Schulz, Allen, Bass, Bergstrom, Bice, Brecheen, Dahm, Daniels, David, Dossett, Dugger, Fields, Floyd, Fry, Griffin, Holt, Jech, Kidd, Leewright, Loveless, Marlatt, Matthews, McCortney, Newberry, Newhouse, Paxton, Pederson, Pemberton, Pittman, Pugh, Quinn, Rader, Scott, Sharp, Shaw, Silk, Simpson, Sparks, Standridge, Stanislawski, Sykes, Thompson, Treat, Yen 560 03/15/2017 S

Direct to Calendar 564 03/15/2017 S

Coauthored by Senator Boggs 571 03/15/2017 S

Considered 565 03/15/2017 S

Adopted, referred for enrollment: Ayes: 43 Nays: 0 565 03/15/2017 S

Enrolled, filed with Secretary of State 569 03/15/2017 S

Address: 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., State Capitol Building, Oklahoma City, OK 73105