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HR 1041 by West (Tammy)

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House Resolution; Rose Day 2022; February 16, 2022.



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Introduced 231 02/14/2022 H

Authored by Representative West (Tammy) 231 02/14/2022 H

Considered 241 02/16/2022 H

Coauthored by Representative(s) McEntire, Bush, Dills, Moore, Grego, West (Rick), Echols, Sims, Lawson, Fetgatter, Sterling, Manger, West (Josh), Cornwell, Worthen, Boles, Dobrinski, Stark, Russ, Stearman, ODonnell, Johns, Vancuren, Patzkowsky, Luttrell, Strom, Townley, May, Miller, Sneed, Conley, Baker, Lepak, Dempsey, CrosswhiteHader, West (Kevin), Burns, Talley, McCall, Smith, Gann, Wallace, Randleman, McDugle, Hasenbeck, Bashore, Boatman, Ford, Lowe (Dick), Hill, Pae, Stinson, Hardin (David), Olsen, Roe, Frix 241 02/16/2022 H

Adopted, referred for enrollment 242 02/16/2022 H

Enrolled, signed, filed with Secretary of State 251 02/17/2022 H

Address: 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., State Capitol Building, Oklahoma City, OK 73105