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Concurrent Resolution; reaffirming marriage and urging the Supreme Court to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act and the right of states to regulate marriage.



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Introduced 846 04/02/2013 H

Authored by Representative Cleveland, Fisher 846 04/02/2013 H

Authored by Senator Standridge (principal Senate author) 846 04/02/2013 H

Considered 884 04/08/2013 H

Amended 884 04/08/2013 H

Ayes: 84 Nays: 0 885 04/08/2013 H

Adopted, referred for engrossment 885 04/08/2013 H

Coauthored by Representative(s) Hulbert, Bennett, Ritze, Kern, Lockhart, Roberts (Sean), Cockroft, Mulready, Reynolds, Hall, Armes, O'Donnell 884 04/08/2013 H

Coauthored by Senator(s) Brecheen 884 04/08/2013 H

Engrossed, signed, to Senate 887 04/09/2013 H

First Reading 870 04/09/2013 S

coauthored by Newell, Brumbaugh, Walker, McCall 900 04/10/2013 S

coauthored by Perryman 935 04/15/2013 S

Direct to Calendar 944 04/16/2013 S

Considered 944 04/16/2013 S

coauthored by Schulz, Treat, Newberry, Johnson (Rob), Loveless, Shaw, Fields, Brown, Aldridge, Barrington, Halligan, Crain, Anderson, Simpson, Marlatt, Ford, Mazzei, Stanislawski, Justice, Shortey, Brooks, Boggs, Allen, Sharp, Brinkley, Dahm, David, Sykes, Bingman, Griffin 968 04/16/2013 S

Referred for enrollment 961 04/16/2013 H

Adopted, returned to House 944 04/16/2013 S

Enrolled, signed, to Senate 979 04/17/2013 H

Enrolled measure signed, returned to House 1001 04/17/2013 S

Filed with Secretary of State 999 04/17/2013 H

Address: 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., State Capitol Building, Oklahoma City, OK 73105