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HB 2648 by Hill and Bullard

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Officers; Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act; free exercise; place of worship; substantial burden; effective date.



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First Reading 253 02/01/2021 H

Authored by Representative Echols 253 02/01/2021 H

Second Reading referred to States Rights 356 02/02/2021 H

CR; Do Pass States Rights Committee 366 02/03/2021 H

Remove Representative Echols as principal House author and substitute with Representative Hill 366 02/03/2021 H

Coauthored by Representative(s) Echols, Hardin (David), Townley, Burns 366 02/03/2021 H

General Order 602 03/03/2021 H

Coauthored by Representative(s) Steagall, CrosswhiteHader, West (Kevin), Cornwell, Caldwell (Chad), Kendrix, Dills, Grego, Boles, Conley, Gann, Mize, Stark, Russ, Roberts (Eric), Roberts (Sean), McDugle, Caldwell (Trey), Bashore, Wolfley, Moore, West (Tammy), Miller, Smith, Dempsey, Baker, Lepak, McCall, Sims, Lawson, Williams, Roe, Humphrey, ODonnell, Phillips, Manger 602 03/03/2021 H

Authored by Senator Bullard (principal Senate author) 602 03/03/2021 H

Third Reading, Measure passed: Ayes: 80 Nays: 18 603 03/03/2021 H

Referred for engrossment 603 03/03/2021 H

Engrossed, signed, to Senate 653 03/04/2021 H

First Reading 658 03/04/2021 S

Coauthored by Representative Boatman 662 03/04/2021 S

Coauthored by Representative McBride 662 03/04/2021 S

Second Reading referred to Judiciary 03/15/2021 S

Reported Do Pass Judiciary committee; CR filed 03/23/2021 S

Coauthored by Senator Bergstrom 04/20/2021 S

Coauthored by Senator Stephens 04/20/2021 S

Coauthored by Senator Rogers 04/20/2021 S

Coauthored by Senator Burns 04/20/2021 S

Coauthored by Senator Pederson 04/20/2021 S

General Order, Considered 04/20/2021 S

Measure passed: Ayes: 38 Nays: 8 04/20/2021 S

Engrossed measure signed, returned to House 04/20/2021 S

Referred for enrollment 1149 04/20/2021 H

Enrolled, signed, to Senate 1179 04/21/2021 H

Enrolled measure signed, returned to House 04/21/2021 S

Sent to Governor 1225 04/21/2021 H

Approved by Governor 04/26/2021 1310 04/26/2021 H

Address: 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., State Capitol Building, Oklahoma City, OK 73105