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HB 1022 by Wallace and Thompson (Roger)

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Oklahoma Department of Commerce; making appropriations to certain revolving funds under the control of the Department; requiring and limiting expenditure for certain purposes.



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First Reading 9 05/18/2022 H

Authored by Representative McCall 9 05/18/2022 H

Authored by Senator Treat (principal Senate author) 9 05/18/2022 H

Second Reading, direct to Calendar 16 05/19/2022 H

General Order 33 05/20/2022 H

Amended 33 05/20/2022 H

Title stricken 33 05/20/2022 H

Third Reading, Measure passed: Ayes: 80 Nays: 2 33 05/20/2022 H

Referred for engrossment 34 05/20/2022 H

Engrossed, signed, to Senate 37 05/20/2022 H

First Reading 05/20/2022 S

Direct to Calendar 05/26/2022 S

General Order, Amended 05/27/2022 S

Enacting clause stricken 05/27/2022 S

Measure passed: Ayes: 44 Nays: 4 05/27/2022 S

Referred for engrossment 05/27/2022 S

Engrossed to House 05/27/2022 S

SA's received 86 05/27/2022 H

SA's rejected, conference requested, naming Special Session Conference Committee 89 05/27/2022 H

Conference granted, SCs named Treat, McCortney, Thompson, Hall, Floyd 05/27/2022 S

Remove Representative McCall as principal House author and substitute with Representative Wallace 09/28/2022 H

Coauthored by Representative(s) Hilbert 09/28/2022 H

Remove Senator Treat as principal Senate author and substitute with Senator Thompson 09/28/2022 H

Coauthored by Senator(s) Hall 09/28/2022 H

CCR submitted 09/28/2022 H

Coauthored by Representative(s) Phillips, Frix, Dollens 09/28/2022 H

Title restored 09/28/2022 H

Enacting clause restored 09/28/2022 H

CCR adopted 09/29/2022 H

Fourth Reading, Measure passed: Ayes: 81 Nays: 8 09/29/2022 H

To Senate 09/29/2022 H

CCR read 09/29/2022 S

CCR adopted 09/29/2022 S

Measure passed, to House: Ayes: 36 Nays: 6 09/29/2022 S

Referred for enrollment 09/29/2022 H

Enrolled, signed, to Senate 09/29/2022 H

Enrolled measure signed, returned to House 09/29/2022 S

Sent to Governor 09/29/2022 H

Becomes law without Governor's signature 10/06/2022 09/29/2022 H

Address: 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., State Capitol Building, Oklahoma City, OK 73105